Many of us have that special collection of old clothes that really are our favorites. We have even overlooked how ragged or faded they may have become. They say that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, and when it comes to this type of clothing truer words were never spoken.

In our series here how to turn old clothes into new treasures we are just going to give you some starter ideas. We took a bit of time to search out some really popular ideas. Once you get the hang of recycling your clothes then there will be no stopping you.

We aren’t talking about clothes here that are still in good condition and could be handed down and worn proudly by someone else. Remember these are clothes that for many have reached the unwearable stage. Or for those clothes that you don’t have family and friends to pass them on to, and you really would like to keep them in the family.

So lets get started with some projects:

Recycled Produce Bags with a Designer Flair


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