We are really excited to bring you this series on lava lamp making for the kids because its one of those combination series of learning and playing at the same time. You could say it has a scientific note to it. It is such a joy to see the looks on the faces of the young ones when they have completed one of these lava making lamp projects.

One of the problems that we sometimes find with these science and fun projects is that the adults are not quite equipped to answer the questions that are sure to be raised. There are a few ways that you can handle this.

We will do what we can to help you along with giving you some of the basic answers, but you might want to turn those questions into another fun project where you do your additional research on the science behind it as a team.

To give you a heads up… lava lamps are sometimes called liquid motion lamps. They are comprised of two liquids which are not compatible with each other meaning they are very close in density but they are insoluable with each other.

The secret is finding two liquids that are close in density.

So lets get you started on your first lava lamp making attempt

My Very First Lava Lamp Attempt



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