Yummies for your Tummies – Mini chicken pot pies & Dolly Vardens

There is no getting around it, we all have to eat. Some of us almost live to eat, while others eat to live. It is a necessity of a life so it’s worth putting the effort into making it as pleasing, comfortable and delectable as possible.
Now one of the big problems when it comes to food is time. If we had lots of this and a hefty budget probably a lot more of us would spend a lot more time in the kitchen, and probably the pay off would be is that we would be a lot healthier.
It takes time and money to eat healthy, so this yummies for the tummies series is going to be on quick bites healthy meals.
The Buzz word for this series is Healthy!
Our Quick Bites Healthy Meals is going to require a pastry shell so, lets get you started on how to make this as healthy as possible.

Pastry with a Healthy Note


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