DIY Spinach Power

February 27, 2015

Spinach is not a favorite food of many, and a lot of kids absolutely detest it. That okay because no matter who in your family isn’t keen on spinach we have some great ideas of how you can get them to eat it. Now in some cases it may be because they don’t know they are eating it, or it might be they have suddenly developed a taste for it.

Just because you don’t eat spinach doesn’t mean you can’t get what it has to offer in other forms. The thing is though spinach is easy to prepare and the body readily absorbs its nutrients.


Thats not all though while we are high on spinach as part of your diet we have got another amazing use for you when it comes it spinach and you are going to love it.

Let’s start with enticing the kids. Now if possible don’t mention what these are until you absolutely have to. As soon as the kids hear the word “spinach” its going to be Yuk!

A Healthy Spinach Treat With a Twist!


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