DIY Spinach Power

February 27, 2015

A Healthy Spinach Treat With a Twist! This is sure to get not only a Thumbs Up but a Hands Up!

Hands Up for Spinach



We are just as guilty as the kids for jumping to conclusions about a food that we don’t like. Some of us are a little bit more liberal than others and will give a food we dislike a second chance, if its being offered in a new way. Then there are others who will in no way change their way of thinking regarding this.

We found a brilliant approach to making chips from kale at the dollar store mom site. Now here is a person that really understands kids.

“I’m obsessed with kale chips. Obsessed. They’re super nutritious, shockingly delicious, and cheap! I’ve been making them and eating them several times a week for about a year now, and my husband (who eats junk food the way I eat broccoli and still manages to be svelte…jerk) and daughter (who would prefer that crackers be her primary food source) have both become pretty well addicted to them as well. I’ve been wondering lately, though, if the same quick and easy process for kale chips could be used for any other veggie, to add some variation and a few different nutrients to our repertoire. Turns out the process is exactly the same for spinach!

So, here in one simple tutorial, you’ll learn how to make both spinach and kale chips! Don’t be afraid of it, and stop questioning if your kids will REALLY eat them…they will!” please go to dollar store mom for here terrific tutorial.

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Sure to Please Spinach Kid Pleasers


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