DIY Spinach Power

February 27, 2015

No Muss no Fuss Spinach Pops



This is definitely an addition that you can add to your protein shakes to get that spinach into you the quick and easy way. It doesn’t matter whether you go out to work, or you are a stay at home mom. in either case you are likely on the go all day, and your dietary needs may be suffering. With this quick and easy solution for getting the power of spinach into you, it can only serve to help you.


At first glance this may not look appealing to you, but really do try to give them a try before you judge them. They really guilt eliminators if you have been feeling guilty about not eating right.

Now if you actually do like spinach then here is a way to pre-make your salad for those on the go days.

On the Go Spinach Salad


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