DIY Spinach Power

February 27, 2015

Releasing the Power of Spinach

We have really gone to town on the benefits of consuming spinach but its usefullness goes beyond this and can actually be used as an external resource to help with some issues of your hair. Even in you have problem free hair you can use spinach as an excellent hair conditioner.


We found some very impressive information at Vopec Pharma that we thought was very impressive and you would find interesting


“The Green Leafy Spinach Miracle for Hair Growth

So, all the time in your life you’ve been hearing that spinach strengthens you, isn’t it? Even the famous cartoon character and craze of kids, Popeye has always had spinach for an instant boost – thereby, showing that a simple green leafy vegetable can be the source for every need of your body. Hair is no exception. If you’ve been thinking that spinach can only help your body, then you were wrong. It is more than healthy to your hair and is the best hair vitalizer and the best ayurvedic hair growth agent.

If this piece of information took you by surprise, then there’s more surprise awaiting you down here. Read on these tips for hairgrowth and know how you can be using this evergreen and easily available veggie for hair growth. These simple tips will boost your hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. It will stop your hair fall, if any and keep your scalp well-fed with nutrition and balance.”

Be sure to read the rest of this information at to discover the amazing recipe they have to enhance your hair care using spinach.


We hope you have enjoyed our series on the power of spinach. If you did then you will really enjoy our series on yummies for the tummies.


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