DIY Hands Up Nail Art

February 28, 2015

It doesn’t seem to matter what kind of art it is nowdays as long as its arts then there is a keen interest. Anyone that has dabbled in some nail art efforts will tell you though it is really fun, but maybe not all that easy. It can be though with the right approach and lots and lots of practice.


sponge nail art pizazz

image source:–HLtdM


Once you start mastering the techniques of nail art you will find that your skills develop quickly.

We’re going to give you lots of hints throughout this series as to how you can start perfecting your skills and some nifty ways to do it.

So we are going to get started with Sponge on the Pizzazz



This really is very well laid out and informative video.

If you want to achieve different textures you can use different types of sponges besides the makeup wedgie. It could be a kitchen sponge for example. Remember to get the polish in the center of the sponge.

Now remember what we said about practice.

Here is a tip to help you do that:

Pick up a pair of rubber kitchen gloves and go to the store and pick up a package of fake nails. Fill the glove with cotton balls or stuffing and staple the ends shut.

Next glue the fake nails onto the finger tips of the gloves.

You now have a set of practice nails to perfect your skills on before you start working on your own nails. Just remember when you are removing the polish from the fake nails to use non acetone nail polish remover.

Ready for your next project? Then here goes…


Showing Off Your Finger Nail Photos




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