When it comes to cleaning anything around the home, including our cars, how many of us know about some very clever cleaning hacks?  Are you aware that there are numerous cheap yet effective ways to get the job done.  More often than not these methods are pretty good for the environment too!


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Lets take a look at a few cleaning hacks that I discovered just browsing, this video was an eye opener. My personal favorite was the lemon that killed the smells in the sink pipes.  Great video!

Hope you picked up a few great tips for around the house there!  What about our cars?  If you are anything like me, then my car is my pride and joy.  The tips I discovered below are just awesome.  I can honestly say that they work far better than he branded stuff that I have been used to using!  You will love the info graphic that the author has posted!

Easily remove dead bugs and grime off your windshield using a bottle of coke, wipe off bird droppings and sap from your roof using WD-40 spray, fix minor dings from rusting with nail polish, and remove coffee or vomit stains from your upholstery and carpet using vinegar or club soda.  Read more here

Its a bit scary what a bottle of coke can do isn’t it!  Such great tips though, probably some of the best cleaning hacks I have come across.  What about the environment then?  Why would we want to spend our hard earned cash on cleaning solutions full of damaging chemicals if there was a safe alternative?  The following is a  excerpt found on a pro green world site

The alcohol in vodka kills odor causing bacteria which can cling to clothes that might need more of a freshening as opposed to a complete wash. Simply put some in a spray bottle and lightly spritz your garment (making sure to spot test the cloth first if you’re worried that it might not be a color safe material). CleaningHacks_1read more


Well resourced cleaning hacks will definitely save you time and money then!  Invariably the result is far superior, and in most cases you will always have peace of mind that you are doing your bit for the environment!  Please share these hacks, they are there to bring a whole new rewarding experience to chores that most of us find tiresome!



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