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February 28, 2015

Knitting is an art that has been around for years.  I remember my Mom sitting watching the TV knitting.  I always wanted to learn how to knit, but it was something that I just didn’t get around to. How many of you feel the same way?  My Mom always said that it is both relaxing and rewarding, and I believe she had a point.

So where do we begin to learn how to knit?  Well, as ever I have explored the options, and have discovered some pretty great resources.  The video below is a great starting point, and one that you can quite easily follow.

So that was a perfect introduction, and I hope that you found it as easy as me to follow along with?

Something that I have found fascinating is the emergence of knitting clubs!  There are knitting clubs springing up throughout the World.  This is a great story about a knitting club that was formed in the UK , the owner was inspired by the amount of clubs that were in America

She said: “At the time I worked in a stressful office job and found it was a great way to relax at the end of the day.

“It also feels productive. If you are watching television or chatting to family you can also have a lovely cushion or scarf to give them after.

“It can help people relax and have a happier outlook on life.”

Tonia said her tag line was to “find something that makes you happy”.

One of her highlights was seeing the finished knitted products customers made. She said: “I take pictures to show on the website and in the shop, there is no better way to inspire other knitters.”

Tonia creates a range of sweet treats to help keep customers’ energy levels up.

She said: “I have a tiny kitchen at the back.

“I normally have six to 12 choices on offer and it changes every week depending on what I fancy baking.

“In addition I have just purchased a range of Elegant and English biscuits and a gluten free choice from Byron Bay.

Knitting club

The Periwinkle Knitting Café was opened by textile fan Tonia Sears in 2013

 Read more!

It really doesn’t matter if you have never even put your hands on a knitting needle.  All you ever need to know to get started, easily, is out there.  If you really want to know how to learn to knit then I have found this really interesting site that gives you moving pictorials that you simply can follow along to!  They really do start with the basics as you will see

Yarn: You can pick up a cheapie acrylic skein to practice with, but I prefer something natural for the real deal. Wool is probably easiest to work with as it’s usually got more give than cotton, but can be scratchy on sensitive skin. I used a ball of this cotton Sugar ‘n Cream stuff, which you can order for a couple bucks in a variety of colors.
Knitting needles: I’d recommend bamboo because you can take them on an airplane (as opposed to the metal) and they look and feel great….Continue reading


I believe that the information above is a great starting point for any would be knitter!  The story of the knitting club is an inspiration and just goes to show that young people are wanting to pick up the skills that their Grandmother used to have. Follow along with the instructions if you want to learn how to knit , and I am certain you will have knitted your very first scarf (always start simple) within a few weeks.

Girl Happy To Keep Warm With A Knitted Jumper And Snug Woolen Hat

Let us know if you found the information useful or if you have any tips of your own!



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