DIY How To Hang Wallpaper

March 1, 2015

So you want to learn how to hang wallpaper! As with most skill practice makes perfect. It is extremely important to remember that your first attempt may go wrong on places, that’s fine, you will learn so much! As a suggestion, I would recommend that for your first project you choose a spare bedroom and buy a vinyl wallpaper that doesn’t have a difficult pattern to match. Most rooms will have electric sockets and, of course, a window. This is great practice and the reason I say start with a good vinyl is because you can practice your corners and edges and really take your time. Let’s take a look at what the experts are suggesting. There is so much great information on the web today. I believe this site gives you a solid foundation, and I will publish a excerpt with a choice to read the whole article if you like the content

Master paperhanger Scott McDonald, of Vertical View Paperhanging in New York City, suggests that you avoid costly hand-printed papers, which stain at the touch of one drop of water, rip easily, and permanently retain the slightest crease. Instead, simplify your project by selecting one of the many inexpensive vinyl-coated papers. They’re washable, so excess glue can be wiped away with a damp sponge, and they stretch, to help align seams or to let you peel off and rehang a strip that isn’t quite right.


Hanging wallpaper is FUN!

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Great tips indeed!  Now you have decided to learn how to hang wallpaper it is a great idea to put a shopping list together ready for the job.  The great video below is in my oppinion one of the best videos out there and at the beginning will give you a comprehensive list of tool required.  The video will then go on to show you the basics of hanging wall paper.. How about a pictorial, some people learn better by looking at step be step images. I came across the DIY Network site and I think they had some useful information too. It is still a good idea to watch the video as it gives a great overview, but the site then gives some excellent step by step images which are relevant to whatever level of skill you are at.


Perfect seams!

The trick to hanging wallpaper correctly is to establish a good plumb line at the start. Most walls are not straight and plumb, so snap a chalk line to get a good reference point. Cut the paper longer than needed for the wall. How much excess will depend on how much is needed to match up the paper’s pattern.

Prep the walls prior to applying wallpaper by ...Read More…


There you have it, a great starting point!  I hope the resources I have put together will save you a lot of time having to trawl the net for the best information on how to hang wallpaper correctly.  Remember to enjoy yourself and take your time.  Of all the DIY tasks that you undertake, wallpapering is particularly rewarding.  You are converting a huge part of your living space into a beautiful transformation.  Wallpaper is making a comeback, and you will be amazed at how creative you will become.

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