So you have been thinking about looking into doing Yoga. You have put it on your “to do” list to take some time to check out some lessons on how to get started but you just haven’t gotten around to it.

It could be that your first lesson begins at home, if you happen to have a family pet like a cat or dog perhaps!

pet yoga

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You have probably at some point in time seen some yoga being practiced. Your thought may have been I could never do that in a million years, depending on which particular Yoga move that you were watching at the time.

If you want to see some more Yoga moves without having to go far to see it, then sit down for a bit and observe your cat. You just might be getting your first Yoga lesson for free!



Now just in case you feel that what your kitty may be trying to teach you is just a little too streuous, maybe the cats in the next video have the right idea of a sleep-yoga combo exercise.



While these cat Yoga videos are fun to watch, for many the practice of Yoga is a serious past time for them, and tons of people report getting some really good benefits from it.

We don’t want to leave out canine friends out the action so lets see what they think of this Yoga stuff.

A Dogs View of Yoga


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