How To Lay a Level Patio

March 1, 2015

One of the many tasks that I have undertaken in the last 10 years was laying a patio area in my backyard.  I have to confess that I did not make a very good job and it will have to be re done.  Today I am armed with a lot more resources of which I will be sharing below!  So do you know how to lay a level patio area?  This task is not for the physically challenged amongst us, and to start with it is quite arduous.  The pleasure and satisfaction you achieve, far outweighs the hard work.

My first great find was this video that I will share below.  All I can say is wow, I wish this was around years ago.

Informative?  Some superb information I think you will agree.  Some people prefer to follow along with instructions by reading and following step by step.  Homebase a DIY outlet is where I found some invaluable information.  They have rated this task as ‘medium’ in the difficulty stakes, but I believe that depends on the ground and the size of the patio you are building.  Take a look at this information, I have included an excerpt of the content below…

Once you’ve decided where your patio is going, draw a detailed plan to scale on graph paper. Put in all the dimensions of the patio area.
Mark permanent fixtures on the plan – the house, walls, fencing and manhole covers. You have to pave around the covers and they can affect the level of the patio. Also mark on trees and large plants.
If you don’t want to cut slabs, go for a ‘chessboard’ layout or one of the ranges that come with half-slabs.
Staggering paving (like a brickwork finish) or laying a random pattern of different sized blocks usually means you’ll have to cut slabs to get a straight border. Seek advice before you cut slabs.


Allow 10mm-30mm between slabs for fettled edge, natural stone or heavily riven slabs. Leave 10mm-15mm for straight edge slabs….Read the full article here.

So of the two instructional resources above it is down to personal choice and what you relate to the most.  When I was looking for tips on how to lay a level patio area I didn’t have these tips.  I loved following the progress that you will find in the link I have shared below.

Read the full article



The most important thing to remember about any project, especially one such as this, is that  the preparation is the most important aspect.  If you are serious in learning how to lay a level patio then I believe the resources above are all you will need.  There’s a lot to be said about achieving the desired effect in a big, laborious undertaking. You will feel good.  Your muscles will be sore but once the pain subsides it will be worth it.   Remember that digging and dragging stones around the yard is really arduous, it is better than any workout you can achieve at the Gym!  Be sure to leave your comments below, I will read with interest ant tips you have to share.  Good luck!


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