DIY Disasters!

March 2, 2015

We have all come across people who have attempted a DIY project and its gone disastrously wrong.  Maybe we have our own story to tell, after all we all had to start somewhere.  Diy disasters are surprisingly common, and most times we end up seeing the funny side.  It is important to see the lessons that have been learned, we learn from our mistakes.  I believe that we also find out our strengths and weaknesses too.


Anyway, this post is intended for entertainment value mostly.  As a Diy fan, I have spent hours trawling the internet.  Sometimes you discover how to do things by inadvertently discovering someone’s attempt that went wrong.  The following then is intended to teach you how not to do things!



Some really OMG moments there.  Although I said a lighthearted look at some diy disasters I can’t help but think that some people must have hurt themselves!  Probably pride more than anything?


Can you believe the story below?  What a lucky man!  Many tradesmen will gladly share some diy disasters with you!


Local plumber wins $5k for DIY disaster story The Times (subscription), on Mon, 12 Jan 2015 16:53:27 -0800 A Middleton plumber has won a $5,000 prize, after sharing a ‘DIY plumbing disaster’ he encountered while on the job. Matthew Logmans won first prize in the DIY Disasters competition run by Reece plumbing, with his photograph of an unexpected …

diy jobWhat about the above photo? Ingenious or just sheer stupidity? Found this photo at


What about this one?  A leading British newspaper printed this story

DIY Disasters

The story is all about this hapless man and goes on to say that  men are getting injured in the pursuit of the great DIY adventure…read more


and finally…


Electric-1 I saved the best for last, there is a full compilation of probably the funniest DIY disasters on this site…see here


Now it’s your turn, share your story!  I would love to hear your own experience of a DIY Disaster.  Post in the comments box below…after all, sharing is learning 🙂

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