Got a ceiling fan that you just haven’t gotten around to cleaning yet? Then this is a good thing that you have put it off, because we’re going to give you some handy tips on how to clean this household item.

Some of the cleaning jobs we are faced with are not so bad, then there are ones like this that can be really difficult to deal with.

dicrty ceiling fan

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Solution #1 :

The biggest problem with fan cleaning is that it creates extra work. Yes you manage to get all the dust off it but where does all that dust land? Yep, on the floor and everything else that is beneath the fan. The solution to this is the pillow case trick which you might already be aware of.

It just entails carefully sliding a old pillow case over the blade of the fan and then slide it off the fan so all the dust collects inside the pillow case.

Now this is great for the fans that have just managed to collect a surface dust, but more often than not the dust that has accumulated them is heavy laden with other debris that collect in the air like moisture. So it is really stuck on there.

This calls for more aggressive fan cleaning measures, so let’s get on with it.

Aggressive ceiling fan cleaning


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