As soon as there is any sign of the warm weather coming it’s time to whip our bodies into shape, and in more ways than one. It’s time for an arm pit frenzy meaning let’s get at the underarm problems. Unfortunately there are more than one type of arm pit problems that may have to be dealt with.

underarm confidence

Axillary darkening:

Or aka arm pit darkening. Nobody wants to draw attention to their underarms, unless they are smooth sleek, well maintained and enhance the rest of the body. So even if you have made sure every single hair has been removed, and you are using the very best of deodorants, what do you do about the darkening of the skin, which is sure to draw attention?

For some this is not something they really care about, but others it’s a big deal. It is to the point where they won’t by any piece of clothing that doesn’t have sleeves, and wearing a bathing suit would be unheard of.

For some they have literally spent a fortune on skin whiteners and any possible professional treatment that is touting the cure for under arm darkness. This may not be such a wise idea. You are dealing with a body part here and no body part should be messed with.

So what is happening to your underarms?

To know this you need to understand….

Pigmentation of the skin


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