Pigmentation of the skin

skin coloring

Basically it is a changing of skin coloring and it doesn’t just occur in the underarms. Think about when your skin tans. It does so as a reaction to the UV light and while we find it attractive, it is actually a protective mechanism of the body. The pigment which is melanin is producing to protect your skin from the sun.

There are other skin color changing causes. It can actually be an indicator that something is wrong in your body. There are some diseases and conditions that will cause skin color changes. So as we always preach here at DIYeducator when something changes in your body check it out with your health care provider.

The under arm dark skin dilemma:

If you think that this only a problem that you have to deal with, then you may be surprised to discover that the following video actually when viral. So guess what you are not alone


While these addresses one common problem it isn’t the end of the potential underarm problems. Another very common one is the under arm bumps.

These are often common following under arm hair removal. Different methods of hair removal can cause different reactions.

Also ingrown hairs can be a problem that creates some bumps.

Dealing with the underarm bumps:


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