Dealing with the underarm bumps:


It is common to see several raised bumps and redness following a under arm hair removal. Shaving the arm pits can cause this, and it is very common with waxing. Under normal circumstances this should go away in about 24 hours.

You don’t want to irritate the area following hair removal so avoid using deodorants or other products until the arm pits return to normal.

The ingrown hair:

Having an ingrown hair is another common problem. These have to be treated with caution. If possible try to tweeze the hair that is causing the problem. If it looks like the bump where the ingrown hair is, is becoming infected, do not play around with this. See your medical professional for proper treatment.




Now let’s deal with one more problem that can lead you into a arm pit frenzy, and that’s the smelly arm pits. Sure there are lots of products on the market to address this…but are they safe? Or would you be better off making your own home made deodorant?

Dealing with the smelly arm pits:


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