DIY Living the Happy Quotes

March 3, 2015

Quotes are a wonderful thing. Many of us read them and enjoy them and at times they truly touch our heart. At other times they can be so astounding that they literally become life changing.

When this happens then you really discover the power of words.

Now this is a do it yourself orientated site so you guessed it we are going to encourage you to take a quote and learn how you can apply it to your life. The real magic in doing this that tons of people can take the same quote and make it unique to their life.

Once you master doing this you can actually take the right quotes and make them stepping stones for your life. They truly can be life changers and for the better.

We are going to give you three that we really like to start with. Just to give you an example we will give you our interpretation of them. We would absolutely love it if you would ponder over them, and then leave a comment here as to what they mean to you.


To me this is a very poignant quote that has a deep meaning. It makes you pause for a moment and think about your friends. All too often we take them for granted don’t we. These are true friends that I am talking about. You know the ones that are always there when you really need them. The ones you don’t care about how you look or how your house looks whenever they decide to pop in. The ones that look the other way when you are a bit cranky or even a whole lot cranky. They truly are the gardeners of your soul because when it begins to whither their kind words water it. When your heart is broken their sunshine smile mends it. When you are happy and content they enjoy your blossoming. Friends like this are far and few between. Take the time to go over your friends list, and identify the true gardener’s of your soul.



These are beautiful words that fit so well with this incredible picture, but they are just but one example of many where they can be applied to life. In this context it fits so aptly with the beginning of a new life hanging to the one that the babe instinctively trusts. If only the world could live by this example, of one hand reaching out to another so one who is vulnerable would have something to grasp.

Now another way of looking at it in this context is that the little hand grasping onto the mother’s hand is a extension of life, for this moment that is so precious to every mother is truly her life, and for the rest of her life. For a mother who once becomes a mother never ceases to be one.

Let’s take the quote onto another meaningful path. The moment is all you own, for the past is no longer yours, and the next one is yet to be. So live in the moment and make each one a happy one.



This is a real do it yourself quote if there ever was one. Happiness is not something you can buy, or is inherited, but is something you earn by your own actions. It is telling you that you have control over your life. It is your actions that are going to determine whether you are happy or sad. It is true that we don’t have control over situations that make us unhappy, but we do have control over ourselves, and we should have control over our feelings. Think hard and long on these words and see if they can be applied to a situation in your life.

So there you have a few but wonderful quotes to get you started.

Please share your thoughts with us on these. We and our visitors would love to hear what your words are about these.

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