What is a spindle?

A spindle is really a very simple tool but a fantastic one once you discover all that it can do. Basically it was decided as a tool to produce thread and yarn, but there really is a lot more beyond that.

All it consists of is a wooden shaft and a weight, which is a wooden disc that acts as whorl. There are different types of spindles and they dictate the type of yarn or spun fiber you want to produce.

The two major types are suspended and supported.

top sindle

image source:https://www.flickr.com/photos/grizzlymountainarts/

The top whorl spindle:

Is a suspended spindle with the whorl at the top of the shaft and comes in a variety of weights.

The bottom whorl spindle:

Has the whorl at the bottom and the same thing it can come with a variety of weights.

Supported spindle:

This type of spindle has a long shaft with a heavy whorl. This means it is too cumbersome to be spun by air suspension. A good example of this is the Navajo Spindle.

Here is an excellent video showing some of the different types of spindles:



Stop! If you are thinking of running out to your local craft store to buy a spindle, it may not be necessary. You can actually make your own. It is a fun project in itself and it is going to get you ready for some of the great and very different projects that we have in store for you. You may need to pop out and get some supplies to make your spindle.


Once you have your spindle made you need to learn how to use it. Remember, as with anything we bring to you most times practice makes perfect. Right now you may not have a full understanding as to where all this is leading. Once you get to the end of this series you are going to love the fact that you kept going.

Learning how to use the spindle:


Now that you have made your spindle and you know how to use it. What are you going to do with it? Make your own yarn? Well you certainly could but we are going to spur you into something a lot more fun, unique and something you could let your imagination run wild with.

Are you ready for this?

Newspaper Yarn:


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