Is Your Dog Enjoying a Grass Diet? One of the most common questions is why do dogs eat grass? Some say it’s because they are bored others say because they sense there is something in it that they need. I being a dog lover and owner had a very unusual experience with a grass eating dog. My beloved cocker spaniel who is no longer with me took quite sick. She could keep nothing down and have severe diarrhea. The vet figured it was just a matter of time before we lost her. dog eat grass The strange thing was whenever we took her out in the yard she would desperately seek out specific blades of grass. At first we held her back from eating it but she was just so intent even as sick as she was to get to it that we finally gave up. We figured we were going to lose her anyway. She would eat the grass then end up vomiting, but strangely enough in about a week’s time she recovered. She lived another year after this. We suspect that she had eaten something that had poisoned her and that made her extremely ill. So did you she know there was something in that type of grass that she was eating, was going to save her? A question that we will never truly know the answer to. There are a lot of opinions as to why dogs eat grass and there is no real proof that any of the opinions or theories are right. Some of the theories are…

  • They eat it because they are bored
  • They eat it to help their digestion
  • They eat it to make themselves vomit because they are sick
  • They eat it because they are hungry
  • They eat it because they like it

While there have been very few studies conducted on dogs that eat grass we did manage to find one with some interesting results:

Have regular health checks if you are concerned

Have regular health checks if you are concerned

Interesting Study Twelve mixed breed dogs used to kennel housing who had the same owner and all were known to eat grass became the focus of the study. They were housed at the University of New England dog research facility for the study. The dogs were given 7 days to adapt to their new surroundings and were fed a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. The type of grass they were exposed to was couch and kikuyu. Dogs are known to eat couch grass and it has been nick name “dog grass”, the other type was a common type for the area. During the study some interesting factors were noted. They were exposed to three 10 minutes sessions. 1 Morning 1 Noon and 1 Afternoon. Throughout the course of the study the feeding times were rotated. The end results showed that all dogs were consistent with their grass eating habits they have displayed at home. Each dog spent about 1.1. minute munching on the grass and that grass eating was influenced by the time of day with indications that by the afternoon session they weren’t interested in eating more. It showed the dogs were more interested in eating grass more so before they had digested their kibble, as opposed to after a meal. The conclusion was that the grass eating was probably for satiety and the time of day. While this is interesting it may not do much to alleviate your concerns about your grass eating dog. Be sure to discuss your concerns with your veterinarian.   keep your dog busy

Keep your dog busy:

You may want to try some distraction tactics and see if you can get your doggie’s attention. Here is some neat information to help you make your own dog toys to save you some money. Plus knowing how to may your own means you will always have a good selection of new toys at a fraction of the cost it takes to buy them.

Interactive games:

There are times when you don’t want your dog to be running around like crazy. Some exercise is good but too much is not healthy. What is healthy is stimulating their thinking and reaction and there is no better way to do this than with some interactive games. Which can cost a fortune if you are planning on buying them, but here is a great do it yourself version, that is really impressive.

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