It’s coming on spring time, which means for a while it’s going to be rubber boot time with all those spring showers we will be getting.

Now is the time when you dig out last year’s foot wear for the kids only to discover it doesn’t fit. So now you have a least one pair of rubber boots that you may be thinking of tossing. The alternative is you can hand them down, or give them to charity.

There are a few more alternatives as well though. Which means turning them into something with a new meaning.

Flower Power Boots:

flower power boots

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You have probably already seen this if you are crafty person, but maybe we can add to your pleasure by giving you a few extra ideas of your flower arranging and where you can put these.
Outdoor Uses:
How big of a flower arrange you want to do is going to depend on the size of the boots you are using. However keep in mind it is the size of the diameter and not the height of the boot that you need to be concerned about for the actual growing of the flowers if you are using fresh ones.
To really make this project pay off for you it comes down to being innovative. The grand thing about using the boots is you can just about put them anywhere, but make sure they are going to get the necessary light that the flowers will need. They will fill up with water too on a rainy day. So put some rocks in the bottom of them with the soil on top to provide for some drainage. You could also drill holes in the soles for better drainage. To avoid splattering of the soil, think about using cedar chips around the flowers or small stones.

Artificial flowers:
You can still use the boots outdoors but use artificial flowers. Keep in mind though that over time these will fade. The advantage is you can use them anywhere because you don’t have to be concerned about sunlight.
Here a few ideas of how to use your planter boots outdoors.
Use a small bright child’s boot and tack it to your front door. Or if you don’t want to do this make a wire hook to attach to it and use one of the door wreath hangers.
Just setting a pair of boots loaded with flowers by your front door says Welcome!
Taking an old outdoor chair and just putting a boot full of flowers on it can make a wonderful quick and easy display for a drab area of your outdoor décor.
A blah looking wide step leading to your front door can be transformed into something pretty amazing looking, just by having a boot full of flowers on each step.

Taking the time for some flower arranging:
If you want just a whimsical look then you can just fill the boot with some artificial flowers. If however you really want to make it look extra special. Then you need to learn the basics of some flower arranging. The following video is excellent for this even though it’s not working on a boot as the planter.


Our first thought is do we really want to use smelly old boots for anything else but a planter? The answer to this may be a definite yes, if it is a child’s boot. Continue on to for some new and exciting ideas

Boots Beyond the Boot Planter


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