Who doesn’t love French fries! Probably that’s the reason we end up with left overs. We always tend to buy more than we can possibly eat, and then we are left with a stack of cold fries. Up until now they have probably ended up being tossed into the trash, but maybe no more after you use some of these great tips:

french fry redos

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Mini hash browns:

Try cutting them up into small chunks then frying them in some olive oil. Add a little extra seasoning to spice them up a bit like some paprika, and pepper, or any of your other favorites.

French fry omelet:

Mash them with a fork and stir them into your omelet mixture. They go really well with a cheese omelet. Not only do you use up the French fries but it stretches the amount you have to work with a little more.


You can puree them in a blender adding a touch of milk to it which you can then use as a thickener for your soups, stews or gravy. For you gravy you may want to strain it before serving so it is lump free.

French Fry Hash:

One of the greatest way of using up left overs is to turn them into a hash. No reason why your day old fries cannot partner up with this. Just cut them into cubes and fry them up with some left over carrots, onions and any other left overs.

A simple reheat:

If your first thought is yuk! Then reserve that thought until you try this. Incidentally if you have been heating your day old fries in the microwave then you have every right to say yuk.

The stove top is the way to go for a perfect fry reheat. Add a little oil to your skill and get it good and hot. Then layer your cold fries in the pan and don’t stack them on one another, you want just one single layer and don’t crowd them. Make sure you watch them carefully and flip them as they begin to heat.


 Other amazing ideas:

Recycling those fries to make them edible is not only something we are after, as there are lots of great ideas that we found, that we felt were worth sharing:
French Fry Waffles:

french fry wafflesImage Source:seriouseats.com
This is an amazing idea and looks really yummy. Who doesn’t love waffles!! The instructions here at serious eats won’t leave you guessing.


Casseroles are an amazing ways to use up left overs but who would have ever thought you could utilize day old french fries in them.

fries casserole

Image source:southinmymouth

French Fry Potato Casserole:
You aren’t going to want to miss this one. In fact, I bet you will buy extra fries in the future just so you can have some left overs to make this amazing dish with. The directions are great and it is sure to work with any brand of left over fries. Hats off to “south in my mouth”, for a great food idea and presentation.

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