DIY Paint Swatch Fun


How many times have you gone to the paint section and picked up a few paint chips, only to bring them home for a few minutes then discard them. These are little gems that can be turned into some wonderful craft items.

Now you may draw some unwanted attention if you were to stand in the paint department gathering handfuls of this swatches, but you might be able to make a deal with the store owner to save the ones that they are discarding, or to even let you buy a handful for a few bucks. After all its great advertising for the paint makers when they see these swatches being put to good use.


paint swatch fun

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So let’s take a look at few quick and easy diy paint swatch projects


Easy Page Kid’s Reminder:


page reminder

As parents we think we have it tough trying to remember everything that needs to be done in a day, but let’s take a look at kid’s world for a moment.

They have to remember important things about school. Like homework and projects that are due.

They have to remember dates for their sports games and practices.

They have to remember instructions from their parents.

They have to remember special events concerning their social life.

When you look at it this way, a kid’s world isn’t so easy. So here is one of the diy paint swatch projects that might come in real handy that is quick to do and lot’s of fun for any age group.

All you need is a standard page size of Bristol board

A couple of dry erasers

Some white glue

A clear document cover

A 3 hole binder

A selection of colored paint chips:


You can use your imagination in any way you like to design this.

Glue each color swatch onto the Bristol board as shown in the photo. If the swatch is not long enough then just cut enough of a second one to continue down the page. If it is too long then just trim off at the end of the page.

Using your three hole punch or whatever hole size your binder is, create the holes. You will need a good quality punch as you have to be sure it will penetrate the Bristol board as well as the paint swatch.

Now place it in the back of your binder, and you can use a document protector to over lay it so your dry markers don’t smudge when you close the binder.


This is just one neat idea that you can use to recycle paint swatches. There are tons of other things that you use them for. Once you start working with these with a craft mindset, you are going to come up with all kinds of wonderful ideas.

Garden Fun

Here is another quick paint swatch project for some garden fun.

It is lots of fun to plant the seeds and anxiously await for them to pop up. What is not so much fun is when you forget what you have planted in each row, and when.

Paint swatches make wonderful little garden reminders.

garden fun

When the kids want to help in the garden, this is a great project for them to take on. It keeps their hands clean and busy, while you get to concentrate on the planting.

All you have to do is take a color swatch and with a permanent marker write the information that you want to know at a glance on the blocks of the swatch. Then glue this onto a garden stick or even a Popsicle stick, (great way to recycle these). and pop it into the garden at the front or back of your newly planted garden row.

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