5 Amazing Forgotten About Tips for the Microwave

The microwave has got to be one of the most useful appliances amongst all of those that we have in our kitchen. These amazing little units are precious time savers to say the least.

Interestingly enough even though it is such a precious kitchen commodity it is the one that we give the least attention to for all of its capabilities.

For the most part its use is restricted to re-heating. Although there are some home cooks out there that have really mastered the use of the magic in microwave cooking with impressive results.

Lets take a look at just what we might be missing with this kitchen resource:

Starting with an easy one:

It will soon be corn on the cob season which happens to be one of my favorites. What I don’t like is the guesswork of cooking it right, then having to clean a big pot afterwards.

microwaved cornmicrowaved corn

microwaved cornmicrowaved corn

Method #1:

A must better and faster way is Just taking a cob of corn and wrapping it with a rung out piece of paper towel and placing it on a microwavable plate. Then pop it in the microwave for about three to five minutes and its done. Take it out dress it up with some butter, salt and pepper and it tastes even better than boiling it.


Method #2:

With this method you don’t even have to husk it before cooking. Just trim down the husk so it will fit in the microwave. Then remove all the brown leaves from it. You can wipe down the husk with a damp towel if you like. Pop it in the microwave from anywhere to three to five minutes.

If you want to cook a couple at a time, make sure they aren’t touching each other and add about two minutes cook time on for each additional one you are cooking. About halfway through the cook time, turn them over so they cook evenly.

When you remove the corn from the microwave let it settle for a minute as it continues to cook.

It is difficult to give an exact cooking time as every microwave is different. If it comes out dry or mushy then you have over cooked it.

Use caution when peeling the husk off as it is hot on the inside.

Now how about those artichokes!


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