He shoots! He scores! Is what everyone is going to be saying when they see your finished hockey stick projects.

hockey stick table

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You probably don’t have enough hockey sticks laying around the house to complete all of these projects, unless you happen to be a collector. These projects will give you an incentive to start buying them though, or picking them up whenever you see them being put out to trash.

You truly can make some one of a kind and very useful projects with these. What we are going to show you is just to get your creative juices flowing.

We are hoping you will come up with your own unique ideas once this hockey stick re-purposing gets under your skin.

One of the most common uses for these is to make tables out of them:

This video will give you an excellent idea of how this can work:


Now you can use your imagination as to the size and style of table that you want to create. If you don’t want to go to the full extent of making your entire table out of hockey sticks, then think about making a table out of other materials and just accent it with the sticks.

You could use them to build a ledge around the table or as a border. Or, you could cut them down and use them for the legs.

A smaller project would be to cut the stick right down and then mount the cut end on a piece of wood and use it as a really unique coat hanger.

What about those skates that have seen better days, what magic can you work with these to re-purpose them?

Getting More Life out of Those Hockey Skates


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