Eggfantastical Tips and Tricks

March 7, 2015

Eggfantastical tips and tricks

There is so much that can be done with the egg when it comes to cooking and eating it but what other little or big uses can this amazing food staple offer us?

I figure I know a fair amount about eggs but some of things I came across even surprised me. So hope you enjoy these little egg tid bits, especially with Easter coming up.


Eggs to the beauty rescue:

winter skin


We know basically that eggs are good for us, although some have a cholesterol issue with it and there is still some controversy around this. Aside from its dietary goodness what are the additional benefits that come with egg consumption? All seasons play havoc on our skin and the egg can help restore the damage created by this.

egg whites

As a mask:

Egg whites make a great overall toner. To help give that some sagging face skin a lift then think about cracking an egg. You will want to leave it on the cleansed skin for about 20 mins. Then rinse well.

As a cleanser:

For a quick lift you can use it as a cleanser. Some say it helps to remove that puffy look to the skin.

egg yolk

For dry hair:

Go for the yolks only and wisk well with a few drops of oil oil. When you have beaten it nice an frothy then apply it to clean dry hair. You can wrap the hair with a towel and just relax for twenty minutes. Then rinse well.


If you skin is dry resort to the beaten egg yolks only and wash your face with these, then rinse well.

Eggs to the Garden:


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