When the kids are in the craft mode or even us as adults we often incorporate the use of paints. For those who have a dollar store near them then it is great for picking up some water based or acrylic general purpose paints.

What about for spur of the moment crafts and you find out that you need some paints? Or the weather is horrid out and you don’t feel like going out to craft shop.

Then maybe you really want to experiment with different types of paints.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Borrowing from nature:

Almost all of us enjoy flowers just for their beauty and their scent. All too often their ultimate beauty only lasts for a few days and then they wilt and are gone.
You can actually preserve the beauty of the color of some flowers and re-purpose them into wonderful paints.
Head out to the garden and pick a selection of brightly colored flowers. Experiment with different species of flowers

Remove the petals from each flower and put them in a Ziploc bag. Then add some water to it. The more water you add the more diluted your colors will be, but you want enough water to pull the color from the petals. This is going to be some trial and error for you here. Start with maybe 1/3rd cup of water to 1/2cup petals.
You now need to crush to flowers, so make sure your zip loc bags are sealed tight, with no air in them. Now take a rolling pin and roll it over the baggie so you are forcing the color out of the petals.
Take a break and let the bags rest for a couple of hours, so the colors can keep extracting.

Soapy Paint:

soap for paint
This is a simple paint mixture: 1 to ½ cups of flour… 1 cup water…1 cup dish soap… Pour all these ingredients in a zip loc bag and make sure it has no air in it and is tightly sealed so you can knead it with your hands to mix all the ingredients.
Once they are well mixed, then pour small amounts into several small bowls

Add some food coloring or liquid water colors (food colors can cause staining so you may want to go with liquid water colors.) to each of the bowls and you are ready for a painting frenzy.

These are just a few quick ideas for you to whip up some paint for the kids, but now lets a more serious look at making your own paint for those adult products.

Adult Painting with Your Very Own Home Made Paints:


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