DIY Kitchen Stress Relievers

March 8, 2015

Most people have a very busy lifestyle and really have become masters at juggling their time. When it comes to meal preparation it can often be a source of stress no matter how much a person enjoys cooking.


kitchen stress


You want to prepare wholesome healthy meals for your family but this takes time. There are a few kitchen stress relievers that you can do that will really have an impact on providing some kitchen stress relief.

Meal Planning:

Meal plan

Great! You must be thinking! Here we are trying to save time, and I am suggesting something else that uses it up. True it does, but it the end it really will save you time, plus you will find it is much easier to prepare those healthy meals that you are striving for.

Friday night go through the paper and do some coupon clipping. Not only will this save you money but will also help you with some meal planning.

Based from what’s on sale, what you have in the freezer or cupboards that you want to use up, and what your family likes, plan your meals for the week. Dig out the recipes that you are going to be using for these meals, and make sure you have all the ingredients, and if not put them on your shopping list. So you task here is threefold. Clip your coupons, plan your meals, and prepare your shopping list.

Hint: try to plan for as many meals as you can that you can prepare ahead of time. Also, quickly review your recipes especially if they are new, to make sure there is no preparation needed for them, like marinating the meat over night. This way you will be prepared ahead of time.

One of the best kitchen stress relievers  is to make Saturday morning your grocery shopping day. You are fresh and alert and will beat the crowds, plus get the best choices of produce.

Sunday is often the day for leisurely cooking. It is the one day of the week where you can really enjoy your cooking activities. Capitalize on this and while you are preparing that scrumptious family Sunday meal, prepare as many of the other dishes that you can for the rest of the week.

Preparation tips:

Gather all the utensils that you are going to need:

Gather all your ingredients:

Prepare all of the ingredients as necessary, and measure out all of the ingredients.

Load the dishwasher as you go along, or wash the items you are finished with.

Keep a large bowl for gathering all of the garbage and peelings, so you just have to empty it one time.

Make sure you have a couple of different sized knives and that they are sharp.

These all sound like simple little hints but when you have combined them, and become cooking organized, you are going to love the free time you are going to have during the rest of the week. You will also see just how much stress has really been relieved.

Additional tips:

Any of the dishes that you are going to freeze, try to prepare them in freezer to oven cookware. This will help to make things even easier.

While you are preparing your weekly meals, think ahead. For example, lets say you are going to have a stew on Wednesday night, so you are preparing it for the freezer. You are including carrots in this, but you also know that on Monday night you are going to have glazed carrots as a side dish. Then prepare the carrots now by cutting them and putting them into a baggie, ready for use. Think ahead for the rest of your meals and see what little things can be done now to save time later.

You might want to turn this Sunday weekly meal preparation into a family event. If the kids are fighting you on this one, then you could make a ½ hour of their time dedicated to the kitchen makes up part of their weekly chores.

Nobody wants to spend the entire Sunday in the kitchen, but it is amazing at what a few hours can do for freeing you up a ton of time in the kitchen.

If you are making this a family affair. Then one person can prep the veggies, another can be assigned clean up, and another preparing the food for the freezer. Now how easy is that!

Here are some more great tips for through the week:


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