Whenever we see something nifty when we are out and about shopping it automatically draws our attention. Many times though we miss out on some really neat kitchen gadgets. Simply because we don’t have the time to stop and look at them. Most of us are so busy that we are in and out of the stores as quickly as possible. While this may be a neat way of saving money and reducing impulse buying, sometimes we miss out on some really neat kitchen gadgets, that may not only be time savers, but really fun to use.

With some of these you can really dazzle your friends and family with your food presentation. If you keep your kitchen gadget hidden they may never figure out how you managed to do some of the impressive food presentations that you have put before them.

So if you have been too busy lately to stop and take a look at these, here are some that we think are really interesting:

Let begin with the ones that are more for convenience rather than for creating impressions:

The Sonic Peeler:

sonic peeler


This is a electronic version of the trusty old hand peeler. There is no getting around having to peel those veggies, which really can play havoc on the hand and wrist. So this gadget may help in that regard. It really doesn’t do anything impressive looking so its only going to save you some time maybe, but not create a wow factor in your food preparation.

The EZ Butter:


This was is going to impress your guests just based on the fact that you are giving them such an easy and efficient way of retrieving the butter they want to use. You will also find that it is a big money saver to, and really cuts down on the messy butter dishes.


The Nice Dicer:

If you are not very proficient with your knife skills then you may really enjoy what the Nice Dicer can do for you. It helps you to dice up those veggies and fruits really fast and keeps them uniform in size. This really helps enhance your cooking because all the pieces are basically the same size, so they cook evenly. Plus, they give a nice appearance to the raw fruits and veggies.


Now that you have saved some time and created some convenience, lets take a look at a few of those gadgets that create finished food presentations with a wow factor.

Wow factor Gadgets


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