A lot of people are quite content with choosing the cat most often in their kitten stage that looks the cutest to them. It could be their colors, their perkiness, or that adorable face. Then all too often when the cat outgrows the kitty stage they are no longer appealing, and often end up in a shelter, or basically just become a ignored addition to the home, that is to be fed and sheltered.




By taking the time to choose the right cat breed it could change a lot of this. Cats have characteristics too, and you need to choose a cat breed that is going to fit in with your lifestyle. If you do this then you are less likely to be disappointed with your feline when they reach adulthood.

Cats are really independent but they thrive on company and companionship with their owners. You need to know how long your cat will be alone during the day.

What kind of boundaries are you going to set for this animal. Will they be allowed outdoors or do you want to ensure it stays indoors at all times.

outside cat

Are there other animals in the house that your cat will have to adjust to and they will have to adjust to it. Cats and dogs really can get along and become the best of friends. But some breeds are better at this than others.

cats and dogs

What kind of coat appeals to you the most and how much grooming are you prepared to do?

Then you have to decide whether you want to invest in a pedigree or moggie (non-pedigree).

Who is going to be the cat owner in your family?

More often than not cats are brought into the family based on the pleadings of the children. Almost every child wants a pet and they will most often opt for the cuddly kitten, because of its appeal and partially because it is easier to convince the parents to go for a cat than it is a dog.

If you are buying a cat for the kids keep in mind that both are going to grow. As the kids get older their interests change and their lives become busier. All the attention they used to give the cat may no longer be the case.

So when you are choosing a cat breed choose one that is most likely to adapt to the growth of your youngsters. As you do your research into the cat breeds you will get some good insight as to how their characteristics change as they mature as well. Strive for some compatibility here and you will have a happy cat.

Here are some starter tips to get you going and narrow down your research work a bit:

Starter tips for picking the right cat


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