DIY Painting Kitchen Cabinets.

March 11, 2015

Your Kitchen is ready for a facelift and you would like to have a go at painting kitchen cabinets which is a fun and inexpensive alternative.  The beauty of this approach, will be the uniqueness and the pride and enjoyment you will achieve.  What do you need to know before you make the decision?  The article below is an excellent resource and will enable you to make an informed choice and give you a foundation to start with.  No matter where you start, the success of this project is in the preparation.  Take a look at the article that will give you a fine starting point to ponder….

1. Use painting pyramids when painting the doors. These inexpensive — yet ingenious — tools prop up your doors so you can apply paint to one side and flip it over without waiting for the first to dry. Look for them in the paint department at the home improvement store. You’ll love them!
– Kate Riley, Blogger,

2. Don’t be afraid to get creative with color. The kitchen island can have a different finish and color than the wall or base cabinets.
– Jodi Marks, TV Host and Author

3. If you are painting anything with drawers, number and mark each one because the drawers in a lot of old pieces won’t fit into another slot.
– Eddie Ross, Better Homes and Gardens Editor and Producer

4. I strongly suggest using acrylic enamel paint. Acrylic, or water-base, paints are low-fume and clean up easily with just water.
– Kristen Grove, Blogger,

5. If your cabinets are already painted, prime them before sanding because the primer is more suitable for sanding. Then repaint. Also, make sure to fill in any holes or dings with Bondo, a product used for bodywork on cars.     Read More

They say that preparation is the biggest job.  This is so true when it comes to painting your kitchen cabinets.  First thing you want to be sure of is having the correct tools for the job.  Then vitally the next stage is the preparation of the surfaces.  As every cabinet is different, you will need to investigate and discover the correct paint to use for the surface.  The following video is a a fabulous resource.

Painting kitchen cabinets is a simple enough task, but care and patience is required. As mentioned achieving  the perfect  finish is all in the prep work. Before you even consider a brush ever hitting the wood, there has to be a lot of time given to preparing the surface ready to accept paint. That means properly cleaning, sanding, and priming every inch of the surface, or the finished color won’t stick well.  Below is a comprehensive list of must-dos

Choose a Primer
Select a primer that’s recommended for the type of surface you have (wood, metal, or laminate) and have it tinted to the color of the top coat. This is especially important if the surface is dark or stained because the original finish can “bleed,” or be visible, through the top coat. Again, consult with the expert at your paint retailer who can help you decide between a waterborne or solvent-borne primer.
Buy the Right Kitchen Cabinet Paint
You’ll need to choose between acrylic enamel paint and alkyd paint. Acrylic, or water-base, paints are low-fume and clean up easily with water. Alkyd, or oil-base, paints require good ventilation because the paint contains solvents that can irritate your lungs and make you feel sick. Alkyd options require mineral spirits for cleanup, but they provide a hard, durable paint finish. Whichever you use, buy the best quality paint you can afford for a lasting finish. A self-leveling paint that levels out the brush marks as the paint dries for a super smooth finish is often a good choice. It does, however, set up fairly quickly, which can make blending brushstrokes tricky.  Read Full Article HERE


As you have discovered, deciding on painting your kitchen cabinets is all about the prep.  I do hope that you found the information I provided enough to give you the confidence to proceed.  It is rewarding, inexpensive but above all it is fun, go and enjoy.  I shall look forward to seeing your own projects posted on the Facebook page!


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