In our previous post we just touched on the basics of having fun and being creative with dry wall art. This time let’s look at how we can use this amazing compound to hide a damaged wall. When you are living in an apartment or rented home you don’t always have the freedom to replace a wall that has become damaged. Nor do you want to spend the money on someone else’s place. At the same time you want to live in a nicely decorated atmosphere.



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The non-permanent dry wall art:

If you are restricted as to what you can put on your wall then make your dry wall art in the form of a hanging mural or pictures. You don’t want too much weight to one piece so there is a couple of ways you can go about this.

Here is a good starter video to show you how to apply the dry wall or plaster to a board then begin working with it.



Now in this video it focuses on creating your piece with texture art. If you enjoy this type of art you can certainly go for it. You can experiment with all different types of materials to come up with your unique piece.

Once it is done you can hang it on your wall as a piece of art to cover up that damaged area.

This works fine if you only have one or two damaged areas of the wall to cover, and they are at picture height.

You can do this with any type of art, but this particular version brings out the artist in you without having to be an artist by nature.

If you aren’t crazy about texture or abstract art, in future posts we will expand on the other types of art you can do with dry wall compound that may be more appealing to your liking.

If you are able to work directly onto the wall then you have some even bigger opportunities to camouflage those damaged walls without having to go to a whole lot of work repairing them or the cost of replacing them.

  Direct drywall art:



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