You may have a wall that is slightly damaged but in lots of areas. This is just too much to try and cover up with a single piece of dry wall art.

Here are a couple of suggestions that may really make a big difference for you. In fact you may love these so much that you want to utilize them on your good walls, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Here is some amazing information as to how you can make faux brick work that we found at Plum Poodles…

brick drywall art

Image source: Plum Poodles

“Faux Bricks Using Drywall Mud

Last time I left you with the disaster in Patti’s and my booths as we freshened up the walls with paint. Patti came up with the idea to dress up the fireplace wall with faux bricks using drywall mud and a level. I was a tad nervous, but she had already used this technique on her own kitchen back splash.” Go her to Plum Poodles for the full instructions:


This is a great solution for a lot of wall problems, but if the look of brick is just not your thing or you don’t want to go to that much work. Here is another alternative.

Sometimes there are just little nicks and dents that seem to be localized but stretch across one width of the wall. For example along the line of the wall where your chesterfield sits and is constantly banging up against the wall creating dents.

What you might want to do here is create a boarder along this area.


drywall art motif

Image source:Craftberrybush

You can get some great inspiration from this very interesting post that we found about embrossed venetian plaster. Here at Craft Berry Bush you will find some great ideas that can help get you started on your border. For example the motif you see in the picture could be turned sideways and run along the width of the wall. Don’t forget though once you have done this, if the original wall damage was caused by furniture hitting it, then block the furniture at the back so it won’t damage your new art work.


If you don’t want to create your border free hand, then you can buy some great stensils like those that are used in other paint techniques that will make the job go for you a lot faster. If you want to make your own stensil here is a video that will help you with that. Make your stensil on a piece of mylar so you can reuse it.


This post has been created to peak your interest in drywall art and to show you how simple and how much fun it can be working with this type of medium. In the near future we are going to get far more detailed with what you can do with this medium so be sure to follow us on FB and come back often so you can share in the excitement with us.






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