Almost everybody loves a garden pond, yet a lot of people don’t have one. Some think it is too expensive. Others think they don’t have the room. Or others feel they are too much of a hassle. Hopefully this post is going to put all these objections to rest. There are a lot of benefits to having a garden pond, just beside how pretty they look.
Let’s face it money is tight for many and it really is frustrating to have to go without things of beauty just because of dollars. So let’s put an end to this and start out with a really inexpensive but great garden pond idea.

basic diy pond garden

image source: Canadian Gardening

As you can see this is just an old galvanized wash tub that has seen better days, but it really being r-epurposed in a fun way. If you have a rustic garden then this will fit in perfectly with it.

Canadian Gardening has provided some excellent basic instructions that you can use for several different versions of these small backyard beauties.

“Pump primer
To make these potted ponds, I used a 95 GPH pump (GPH stands for gallons per hour). Although 95 GPH may sound like a lot, it’s one of the smallest sizes on the market and is only appropriate for containers.

Here’s the formula for calculating the volume of your pond or container using imperial measurements: length x width x depth (all in feet) will give you the cubic feet of a rectangular container. Multiply this by 7.5 to obtain the number of U.S. gallons. The galvanized-steel tub used in Tub time measures one foot deep by 11⁄2 feet square: 1 x 1.5 x 1.5 x 7.5 = 16.88 U.S. gallons. To calculate the size of the pump needed, divide the total number of gallons by two, which means you would only need an 8 GPH pump for a container this size.

But that’s just the beginning. The size of the container can also influence the strength of pump required. The longer the tubing from the pump to the water output, the more GPH is needed to keep the water moving. A waterfall entails its own set of calculations, as distance from water pump to water output can be significant. For the best advice and information on selecting a water pump, visit a retailer that specializes in water gardens.” see Canadian Gardening for some other really great looking versions.


The galvanized is just one idea. There are all kinds of different pots and containers you can utilize for you water garden.  This video will give you the basics of how to utilize the few items that you need to buy.




So now that you have the basic idea lets move onto what we think is a really nifty idea for making a water feature.

The Wine Bottle Garden Wonder:

wine bottle uses

Enjoying what comes in the wine bottle is never an issue, it’s what we do with the empties that can be troublesome. No longer though if you want to make those next few wine purchases even better.



Take a look at this excellent use of wine bottles in a outdoor water feature.



Fountains and water spurting is fun to watch, and it seems to give an invigorating effect. Going in the opposite direction when looking for relaxation there is nothing more comforting then the sound of water trickling down a layer of stones, almost like a babbling brook. There is no reason even on a limited budget why you can’t have this same effect in your back yard.

Let’s take a look at some projects that will help you with that


The Babbling Brook Effect


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