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Yes, you can go out and buy a barbecue or a smoker almost anywhere, but why do that when you can build your own at a fraction of the price, and make it exactly to fit your backyard cooking needs. Food really does taste a whole lot better when it’s cooked outdoors. When this can be done and you are saving a whole lot of money then it just seems to make that home cooked outdoor meal taste even more special.

The good old barbecue:

When you walk through your home center and see all those sleek black shiny barbecue with all the bells and whistles it makes your mouth water thinking of all the wonderful food is capable of cooking. Then when you look at the price tag suddenly that appetite goes away. The following is a really neat way that you can build your own barbecue from an old oil drum. Don’t worry your food isn’t going to be tasting like oil. In fact you will only be using a portion of it.



Now it may not be fancy looking and doesn’t have all those bells and whistles like the commercial type. What it does have though is a large cooking surface. This is really going to benefit you because you are going to be able to cook a lot more outdoor food all at the same time. You will learn to discover that there are foods you can now cook on the grill, that you didn’t have the space for before.

backyard smoker


How about a smoker?

You may not know a whole lot about how smoke food is cooked and prepared, but most likely you do know you love the taste of smoked food. You don’t have to wait until you can afford to go to your favorite restaurant anymore to enjoy this. You can make your own with very little work and cost. Once you have completed your project, anytime you want to enjoy some of that smoked food deliciousness you just need to pop out to the backyard and prepare it.

Here is a great video to show you everything you need to know on building your own smoker.




Building a cooking unit like this yourself has a lot of benefits to it. So often we run out of ideas of what to cook that we end up either grabbing some fast food, or packing the family into the car and heading out to the local restaurant. Your homemade cooker is going to give you the incentive to do a lot more back yard cooking. You just need to remember to stock up on the type of foods that you like smoked the best.

Perhaps the drum barbecue or the smoker doesn’t quite fit in with the decor of your backyard. If so don’t worry, as we have a different barbecue style that just might be what you are looking for.


A brick barbecue option:


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