DIY Fairy Gardens for Your Little Princess

Every little girl loves the world of fairies and if we admit it so do we big girls. There is just something magical about this make believe world that makes us feel good. This projects are sure to bring both you and the little girls in your life, much pleasure. Not just in making them, but the hours that will be spent in these magical kingdoms in the days to come.

Our first project is an exciting one. It is made from a suitcase, so not only are you recycling, but it is portable to. Not that you would want to close it up and carry it, but in the sense it can be moved from one part of the garden to another.

This project is presented by Empress of Dirt

fairy empress of dirt

Image source: Empress of Dirt


“Add Charm To Your Garden

Fairy gardens in vintage suitcases are not just sweet—they’re portable. You can change up the decor and move the suitcase around your garden (or patio) where it can be enjoyed throughout the gardening season.

I’ll show you everything you need to know to create one for your garden.

3 Quick Tips For Getting Started

1. The number one best tip is: pay attention to scale.This means, make sure the fairy garden supplies you buy all work nicely together and the sizes match.You don’t want to end up with a giant table and a tiny chair or a fairy cottage that looks way too big next to some little flower pots.

Check measurements before you shop.” … Please visit Empress of Dirt for full instructions.

If you want to be a bit more formal with your fairy garden and have it designed just for looking at rather than playing, it still makes a wonderful project for your little lady to participate in.
Here is a video that will show you another but more formal version
Now every fairy needs some furniture right for her garden. So lets look at extending the fun and making some fairy garden accessories.

Fairy garden houses:


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