DIY Crazy Uses For Nail Polish

March 18, 2015

When it comes to nail polish most of us would have to admit that we have more than a bottle or two sitting around. How can we possibly resist all those amazing colors that are out there! After all ladies we must remain in style right? So when a new color hits the shelf then its simply “a must have”. Plus, it does thicken up after awhile and its not so pleasant to work with, so it justifies having to buy a new bottle. Yet, even though the old one is less than perfect we hate to get rid of it.

With these great ideas for using up left over nail polish chances are you won’t be pitching it anymore.

How about some absolutely beautiful flowers?

Here is a project that entails making some amazing wire nail polish flowers

nail polish flowers

image from:




There are tons of places where you could make use of your nail polish flowers. They would make a wonderful floral collection. What you might want to do is experiment with making different types of wire frames to depict different flowers. Thing about shaping the wire into a tulip or a rose.

Then keep a long length of wire on these to act as a stem. Once you completed the petals with the nail polish, you could wrap each of the wire stems with florist’s tape, and add some green foliage. Do several of these then gather them all together as a floral arrangement and place them in a pretty vase. What an amazing center piece this would make.

Now lets move onto something more personal like jewelery.

Yes you really can do some amazing things with nail polish when it comes to jewelery.

You are going to want to take a trip to your local craft store before you get into this next video: Even better visit your local dollar store first.

You are going to need:

Some clear glass stones that are flat on one side

A ring blank

Some strong glue applicable for glass or metal


Assorted nail polish




If you really want to make a fashion statement make a ring to match your nail polish, and you could even continue with the fun by making a pendant to match.

But don’t stop there. How about a matching hair embellishment?

What you will want to do is buy some plain but good quality bobby pins. Then coat them with the same nail polish. Make sure you allow them to dry in between coats. Give them at least two coats of clear polish.

Now you can make a second stone as in the video and do one exactly the same as your ring. Only this time you are going to glue it to the bobby pin.

bobby pin coloring

image source:pinterest

Okay lets keep the ideas rolling!

In the fashion world anything goes and we thought you would really love to see this flower crown and yes you guessed it, it consists of using your left over nail polish.



This amazing video will show you exactly how to make it, plus give you some other great ideas:


You can take this a step further and convert it to a wrist or ankle bracelet.

Lets leave the jewelery world now and focus on a completely different use for your old nail art and thats….

Faux Crystals


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