We have done a few series on camouflaging bad looking walls and its apparent that a lot of people are really looking for cheap but impressive solutions for making old walls look great without having to go to a lot of work, or even having to replace them.

Camouflaging with String Art:

String art is another option, and if you think this is 70’s art you are perfectly right BUT it is being revived. Also, what can be done with string art now far supercedes what was done with way back then.

There are a couple of options. You can work directly onto the wall, or you work on other mediums such as wood or canvas which you can then mount onto the wall.

Let’s begin with working directly onto the wall.

This is a great project to start off with, if you have a large area of your wall that you want to cover up.

tree string wall art

Image source: Apartment Therapy

You will want to take your time with this and plan to spend some time on this project. Maybe you will want to do some planning for the room you are thinking of utilizing this. It is a large mural so you don’t want to hide its beauty with furniture once you have completed it. Also, you may want to paint the current wall first, with a color that is going to act as a beautiful background for your string art piece. The choice of the color green in the image above is a great one because it fits in with the colors of nature.

How to complete this project is being offered by Apartment Therapy

“This impressive mural (along with a few others) were made by artist Kathryn Anderson with nothing more than pushpins and yarn. We’ll show you how you can create your own, step by step and with tips from the artist.

Kathryn Anderson of KAndeArt has made some great wall murals out of nothing more than string and push pins. Here are her steps to creating a beautiful and unique murals from string.

What You Need


Brown yarn or string
A piece of wood to use as a thimble”

Visit Apartment Therapy for the full set of instructions


Another example:

string art for wall camouflaging

image source: stringartdiy.com

This would be a great idea when you have a wall that has a lot of small damaged areas scattered about. You could create an entire geometic design over the entire wall. You could make your patterns on paper then trace them onto the wall so you have a guide. If you are not into geometric then it could be a wall full of string art birds or butterflies.


If you are totally new to string art then this video is going to give you the basics of how to make and work with a pattern.


Don’t feel that you are going to outdate your home with use of string art. It has evolved from a very basic string art craft to some amazing art forms. If you don’t want to make it yourself you can always buy a finished piece. Below is just one example of what can be done with string and nails

stringart animal

image source:stringartdesign


String Art in the Professional Setting


professional string art

image source:http://www.thisiscolossal.com/?s=thread+and+nail

It is amazing to think that this portrait is done completley with thread and nails. The artist who completed this work is Cayce Zavaglia


The following video shows an example of how this can be done.



Remember there are lots of choices that you can use as your medium. It can be normal string, thread or even copper or wire. You could mix your thread mediums to get different effects.

There is a world of string art with the string and nail method just waiting for you to explore. It doesn’t end here though what you can do with string. Lets look at another option which can be just as much fun.

More String Art Ideas:


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