DIY Mason Jar Easter Extravaganza

March 19, 2015

After Christmas, Easter is the second most important holiday and usually means a family gathering.  We have some amazing mason jar Easter treats and decor ideas that are going to make this holiday entertaining fun and create a real wow factor for you. For some of them you are going to want to start some of the preparation now so they are ready in plenty of time.

This series is all about making it a Mason Jar Easter, so lets look at the different kinds of Mason Jars you can get:

Probably the most well known name when it comes to makers of Mason jars is Bernadin. They have been making these jobs for years and are still going strong.

Here are some examples of the types of jars they provide.




The jars in the picture are the decorative wide mouth jars, and in most of the projects these will be the type you want. In some cases you may not want to use the decorative type, and if so then you can just get the regular ones which also come in the wide mouth style.

The Giving of Easter Gifts

One of the big highlights is the giving of Easter gifts which usually comes in the form of chocolate. These are brought by the Easter bunny remember! So here are a few mason jar gift treats for the kids on your list.

Now when we think about the Easter Candy what comes to mind?




These are the traditional ones, but when you go out to the store to buy those big boxed Easter treats they come in almost any shape or form, and often a theme that is really outside of the Easter one.

Hopefully you have a dollar or thrift store near you so you can pick up all the odds and ends that you are going to need for your Mason Jar Easter Extravaganza

You are going to want some chocolate molds.

Lots of mason jars in different sizes.

Odds and ends that will be outlined in the projects.

If you are short for time you can buy your Easter chocolates that you are going to use for your gift projects:




Image source:thriftyfun

The example in this picture is pretty basic and just gives you an idea of how items will look inside the jar. Try to use the wide mouthed jars so they are easy to work with, and your gift recipients will have easy access to their goodies.

Make your own chocolate treats:

If you want to make your gifts extra special and you have the time you can make your own and that is why we suggested picking up a few chocolate molds. This way you get to pick the quality of chocolate that you want to go into these treats.

Tips on Working with Molds.

Check to see that your molds are in perfect shape. You don’t want any flaws in them or this will appear on your finished piece.

Make sure they are clean and dry and at room temperature.

Don’t try and do too many batches at once.

Work with small batches of chocolate at a time. Soon as your molds are filled put them in the fridge just long enough for them to set. Don’t let them get too cold. About 10 mins. should do it.

You may want to wear white cotton gloves when handling your finished chocolate pieces so you don’t leave fingerprints on them.

You can fill your molds with the chocolate in a variety of different ways. You can just use a spoon or a piping bag, or another great alternative is to use a squeeze bottle.

Make sure your mold is on a flat surface when you are filling it. You might want to put the mold on a tray so you can set it flat in the fridge when cooling.

When you have filled all your molds, bang it gently on the counter surface to get all the air bubbles out of it.

When the chocolate is ready to come out of the molds it should look dry and firm and be contracting away from the sides of the mold. If you notice any moisture of the pieces you can just use a paper towel to lightly dab these off .

Types of Chocolate to Use:

One of the reasons you are making your own chocolates is so you can choose the quality of chocolate that you want to use.

You can use chocolate chips or bakers chocolate from the baking section of your food store.

Or you can go to the bulk food store and choose from one of their selection.

You can also buy quality made chocolate bars and melt these down.

Melting your Chocolate:

Break your chocolate into small pieces so it will melt faster. You can melt it in a double boiler or a microwave at medium heat for about 1 minute.

If using a double boiler, don’t boil the water, and don’t let the upper pan touch the water.


bunny decoratingegg decorating


If you are going to put add on decorations like eyes a nose or a mouth then you will want to set these into place just as the

chocolate begins to firm up.

For other decorative additions you can use piping and a good icing sugar mix. Or you can use white chocolate for your accents.

Or if you like you can go to the cake decorating center of your craft store and buy all kinds of pre-made decorations for your



Now you have some good ideas for the traditional type chocolate treats lets look at a few others because after all these are going to be the highlight of your mason jar.

Other treats


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