DIY Mason Jar Easter Extravaganza

March 19, 2015

Another great favor is suckers and when they are chocolate then they are almost irresistible. They also are a lot less messy to eat, so for the little kits then this is a perfect choice.

To stay in character you can buy the molds that are designed specifically for suckers.

If you want to be really creative and make these extra special and delectable then you are going to love what we found for you at Ecolechocolat

chocolate suckers

Image source:Ecolechocolat



We are sure that the makers of these wonderful treats will want you to know how these are made…



“Chocolate Brownie Bonbons

We love chocolate in all its forms, and this little treat features everybody’s favorite – the chocolate brownie. When dipped in fine chocolate, these become yummy bonbons. Double your pleasure with these babies! The recipe is from Shari’s Berries, a company that has made big business of chocolate covered strawberries. They’ve developed ways to dip and decorate them into little works of edible art. Here’s a variation on that theme.

Yield: 28

Before you start, you’ll need popsicle sticks or skewers, about 4 cups or 1.5 lbs of milk, dark, and/or white confectioner`s coating** for dipping and tiny bits of candy, sprinkles, shredded toasted coconut and crushed peanuts for decorating.”…please visit Ecolechocolat for the full amazing and detailed easy to follow recipe


Just one more!

Some kids or grown ups are just not into a lot of chocolate so why not do something different for them


How about some chocolate popcorn! It isn’t hard to make and its supper yummy.




You can find a great recipe for this here at


Okay so you have a good selection of treats for your Mason Jar Gifts:

Here are a few tips:

You will want to make the jars attracting and have your treat as the focal point. So you need some fillers, just like you would if you were making Easter treat baskets. You can find some wonderful colored straw filler at your dollar store. You will want to really pack this in so you can keep your chocolate creation standing straight, but not so tight that it mars the chocolate.

If you are going with the sucker or chocolate on a stick what you can do is use an empty thread spool and set it in the center and use this to hold the stick of your sucker. Use jellybeans as your weight for holding the spool in place and for camouflaging it.

So now you have a good start on making your Easter Gift Treats, let move on to…


Easter Decorating with Mason Jars


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