DIY Fashion for the 35 Plus Women

March 20, 2015

The age that we all seem to dread hitting is 40! but a lot of women when they hit 35 they start to think about this even five years earlier, and that’s probably because some subtle body changes may be taking place. You may not realize it because you are so busy with daily life, but every once in a while something happens that your body doesn’t feel quite the same.  You may be finding your clothes aren’t fitting quite the same, and even your fashion preferences may be shifting. You don’t have the same attraction to the clothing you normally have, but you are quite sure yet what looks good on you.

Here is a little help in knowing what changes are taking place, and then following this some fashion hints to help you feel good about yourself again. It may help you go through the transition, from beyond 35. You will see how each one of these may be indirectly affecting your fashion sense.

35 plus

Fertility changes:

You may still be having your menstrual periods, but fertility may be beginning to weaken. You may be going through some mental changes as you are heading into the change of life. This may mean you are a little more moody and clothes shopping just isn’t as much fun anymore.

Weight Issues:

You might be finding that you have put on a few pounds but you haven’t really changed your eating habits. At the same time your attempts to get rid of that little extra weight is not nearly as easy as it used to be. It is probably because your metabolism is slowing down. Many women at this age find that when they reduce their calorie intake, the weight gain stops but they can’t reduce the present weight. This can be frustrating because your present attire is too tight or doesn’t even fit at all. Yet you aren’t ready to go out and replace your entire wardrobe.

Bone density:

This begins to decrease but it doesn’t mean you are doomed for osteoporosis.

Hair changes:

You might be seeing a big more hair in your brush and maybe a few gray hairs beginning to form. This can cause subtle changes in the way your most appealing colors now appear on you. Perhaps you looked absolutely gorgeous in red but now this color doesn’t compliment your hair coloring.

Skin changes:

The elasticity in your skin may be starting to diminish. You need to start watching for fine lines, but also pay attention to any drooping and sagging of your skin. If you notice this then there are lots of things you can do to help slow this down. Clothes colors you normally wear are making you look tired and washed out or a little sallow looking.

Internal organ change:

You may not be able to hold your urine as long as you once did. It is around this age that the uterus and bladder begins to sag.

The 35 Plus Fashion Solution:

You need to do as we say…do it yourself and change this around. If you are feeling bleak about the aging process then only you have the power to change that. The first step is finding out what is the best fashion sense for a woman of your age.

Dressy Pant Wear:


You still want to be in style and dressy joggers is the rage right now. Don’t panic because you think they are too slim fitting. The key is the top you wear with it. You might want to experiment with colors so you can find the one that appeals to you now, rather than depending on the ones you used to wear. The ones that just aren’t matching your skin or hair coloring as much as it did. This type of jogger is fashioned after the original type jogging pants but has a looser looser look to it. What gives it is form fit is the elastic cuffs and waistband. So if you are feeling a bit bloated you aren’t going to be uncomfortable with these pants. The cuff draws the eye away from the areas where you feel you are carrying a bit too much weight. Also, rather than replacing your top if you have some good ones and they still fit well, then use a scarf to accessorize with in a new more appropriate color.



pencil skirtSkirts:

A pencil skirt may now become your best friend. The fabrics you choose are going to be the key to you fitting good in there. Experiment with different textured tops to get the trendy look.





Whose says denim is only for the teens? The important aspect here is go for comfort. You will automatically find that if they feel good on you then they look good on your. Try the mid-rise version you may be surprised at how comfortable they feel. You can really dress up the look with a classy pair of bright colored shoes. You may want to go for a bit of a lower heel as it will be more comfortable.

The next thing you need to consider is your new you look for the 35 plus age group is some hair styles.

If you would like us to gather a collection of some hair styles for this age group that have a wow factor, then leave us a comment below. Also please give us a like by clicking on our FB icon below. It helps us to know what our visitors are interested in.






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