DIY Yarn Easter Eggs

March 21, 2015

Here’s a cool idea that will be a great little project for the kids to get involved with.  Yarn Easter eggs are  individual and unique and making them  is a great creative skill for the kids.  It s a well-known fact that some kids are spending far too much time on their electronic tablets and phones.  Cognitive skills that were around even 15 years ago are no longer being encouraged or nurtured, in some families.   Making these little easter eggs is fun and rewarding, but more than that the little project is extremely educational and fun for your child.

The article below is one of the better and in depth instructions I found.

yarn easter egs

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
-a pot
-yarns and strings

Step 2: Hang Balloons

Picture of Hang Balloons
blow up a few balloons and hang them from somewhere, like the kitchen light. Make sure that the string is tied tight because the balloons will get heavy.You can use whatever type of balloon you want, I just had water balloons

Step 3: Make Glue

That should have inspired you, I know it did me by just researching!  Back to the children. Lack of fine motor skills can be a cause of lack of confidence in children.  This is a relatively simple project, and one that is creative so will encourage the artistic mind to come to the fore.  It is also great fun!  The video below will give you an idea of the fun that can be had creation yarn Easter eggs.

Easter is nearly here and the kids would love to get involved with this fun project.  The finished yarnEaster eggs are tough and look awesome as a decoration, and later can be used as a really nice feature in a glass bowl.  For now though fill them with your favorite treats and enjoy!

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