DIY Narrow Hallway Solutions

March 23, 2015

Do you have at least one hallway in your house that really could use some sprucing up, but its a real home improvement challenge that you have limited answers for? Then if so, perhaps the information that we can provide you with here will be helpful.





There are some common problems that comes with hallways.

Long and narrow:

In older homes this can be the biggest complaint. It can even be a problem for two people passing in hallways like this at the same time. It may not be feasible to tear them down and reconstruct them but there are some steps that you can take to make them look bigger even though they aren’t.

Dealing with the walls and ceiling:

Paint is your best friend:

Your first task is to make the space look wider and your choice in color of paint will be your biggest resource. You want to omit the demarcations in the coloring. This means you want the walls and ceilings to be all one color. This way the visual appearance flows. Light colors are the ones you want to go for. Light yellow or sandy tones are ideal. Don’t make the baseboards the focal point by painting them in a darker color. Instead use white for these.

The right wall decor:

This is another area where you might be contributing to the problem of the narrow size of the hall. You may want to think about using recessed shelves in some parts of the walls. This can be done through the studs. It opens up the space a bit, and gives you another option for displaying some color without having to hang art work. Make sure that whatever you put on these shelves doesn’t protrude beyond the shelf width. These are going to be narrow shelves so you only want to use light objects of decor on them.

If you are going to use art then utilize it in the longer sections of the wall and make sure they are quite large. You can also use mirrors that are extra large to create the illusion of extra space.

Dull and dim:

Lighting can be another problem with the hallways especially the interior ones. It is often a custom to go with drop lighting like chandeliers. These are beautiful and hard to resist, but a better choice is recessed lighting. This type of lighting recedes back into the wall so it creates the illusion of more space. Sconces should not be used either as they create more of a closed in feeling. People passing them automatically think they are going to knock them off. There are exceptions to this as you can see in the above photo.

If you have decided to build in the recessed nooks as mentioned about you could put some lighting in these as well. This will help to create a warmer feel to the hall.

What you use for flooring can have a dramatic impact on changing the hallway from looking dull and dim to bright and vibrant. Wood flooring that is light in color is always a safe choice or a light terracotta will work too.

Tips for laying your wood flooring:

Just to get you started with some wood flooring ideas, this might help



This one may help you if you decide to go to terracotta







Now these are the basics of what you can do to improve your hallway, but if you really want to be extravagant or think way outside of the box then take a look at some of these ideas that we came across

Out of The Box Ideas


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