DIY Bobby Pin Hacks

March 24, 2015

We all tend to think of a Bobby Pin as a tool used for fixing your hair.  I was totally amazed at some of the other uses that this little tool is used for.  Some of the little hacks I discovered are just so simple they are genius.  A lot are probably obvious, and you may well use them in your everyday life, but I bet there are a few that will give you an ah ah moment!  Take a look at some of the Bobby Pin hacks I discovered in this article…

bobby pin


1. Nail Holder

Do you always hit your thumb when you’re hammering a nail? Well, say goodbye to those old (and painful) experiences when you use bobby pins! Take a bobby pin and clip it onto the nail. As you hammer, you can secure the nail without getting your precious digits too close.

2. Toothpaste Clip

If you’re like me, you never get all the toothpaste out of the tube. With a bobby pin, you can keep the empty part empty and slowly move the pin up to get the most toothpaste for your buck!

3. Fish Hook

My dad would love this little bobby pin hack: if you’re in a pinch and fishing, bend your bobby pin into a makeshift hook.

4. Pitting Cherries and Olives… Read more here

Well, did you discover some ideas?  Take a look at this video…it will reveal even more bobby pin hacks!  This one is geared more towards the hair styles but even so very informative.  She is also right…where do those Bobby pins go?


Isn’t she enthusiastic!  Who would have thought we could get so creative with a bobby pin.  Talking of being creative, some of these hairstyle ideas are just fab!  The one below is similar to the video…

bobby pin hacks


Tie your Hair back!


tie hair back

See more hairstyle bobby pin hacks here

Great, I loved getting this inspiration.  There is just one more bobby pin hack that we all know about but hopefully will never have to use.  What if we get locked out the house and need to pick a lock?  This video is on You Tube, the information on it could be quite useful..if we ever lose our keys.  Im not sure how easy it would be as I have never tried it.

how to pick a door lock with a bobby pinhow to pick a door lock with a bobby pin
Apply minimum torque to the tension wrench, insert the bobby pin into the keyway, make use of a vibrating motion, or scrubbing over the pins, after a few seconds, try to apply greater force…

So, the humble Bobby Pin has many uses!  They are always to be found in most households, they turn up everywhere.  What’s the betting though that there won’t be a single solitary one to be found when we most need it!

Please share this article with Family and friends if you found some useful tips!  Thank you for reading!


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