Easter means spring is near and along with Spring comes plenty of color. There is no better way to remind us of this then to top off our Easter dinner with not only a colorful dessert but one that is yummy too. There are so many excellent recipes and ideas on the web that one could sit in front of their computer right though to next Easter before deciding on a favorite.

We thought we would narrow down the choices for you to find you the ones that seem to be gaining the most popularity this year. Hopefully you will find one here that you just know is going to delight your family and guests.

Let’s begin with something super colorful on the inside

easter rainbow cakeinsidecake

Image source:thegunnysack.com

This is a great looking cake that speaks of quality and looks like as much fun to eat as it is to look at





 “Easter is a month away! I love all of the pretty spring colors and gorgeous desserts to go along with the season. It has been a while since I’ve decorated a cake, so I decided to make an Easter cake. I think the last cake I made was for my sister’s wedding and making that cake (as well as the various practice versions) was enough to last me a while. I decorated this spring layer cake with rustic ruffles like I did when I made the wedding cake. They are super easy to make in this light, airy vanilla bean frosting!” Please visit the gunny sack for the full recipe.


Now most of us absolutely love oreos and truffles are absolutely to die for! What do you think about combining the two into one amazing dessert! Sounds great but complicated right? Well its not thanks to this fabulous oh so easy recipe.



Image Source:gimmesomeoven

“4-Ingredient Easter Egg Oreo Truffles

But I’m so excited to share with you how to make these adorable Easter Egg Oreo Truffles!  As the title points out, they only require 4 ingredients.  And the base truffle recipe couldn’t be easier.  The hardest part is just figuring how how to decorate them!

We actually couldn’t decide whether to go the classy brown/white route with regular chocolate Oreos, or make a white/pastel batch with golden Oreos.  So of course, we did both.  And I got a little photo-happy, so I’ll be sharing the more colorful batch in a post tomorrow.  But for anyone who loves Oreos and decorating Easter Eggs, this is one recipe you’ve gotta try.  Here’s the how-to!


This next one is really going to rock you !

cheesecake eggs

Image Source: raspberricupcakes



“Cheesecake Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs

It’s hard to believe Easter is just around the corner. This year is going too fast for me to keep up! I swear it felt like yesterday that I was laughing at how quickly the Easter displays went up to replace the Christmas stuff at the beginning of the year, it has managed to creep up on me. My days are getting busier and busier, so I am easily drawn to the simpler, quicker desserts that I can pull together at the last minute. This recipe could not be any easier; there’s no baking involved and it takes hardly any time to create these cute Cheesecake-Filled Chocolate Easter Eggs with a ‘yolk’ made of passionfruit sauce. Visit Raspberri cupcakes for the entire easy to do recipe.”


A Blast from the Past

One of the most famous names to ever erupt in the kitchen was Betty Crocker. Even today when one thinks of a kitchen icon this name comes up.

Today everything is about cooking with gadgets. If we don’t have them we just seem to be lost.

We thought it might be fun to take you back to the past and show you how a oldie but goldie cook can make do with what she has got and show you some cake decorating tips that you don’t have to be skilled baker to do.



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