We love our dogs, and love to give them the freedom of running around and exploring the back yard.  The problem a lot of us face is that we love to see a lovely green maintained lawn, but by the time May arrives the horrible brown patches from the dogs pee is there spoiling the look!  There is a myth that it is predominantly the bitches urine that does the damage.  I have 4 female dogs so I decided to explore different ways how to prevent dogs urine from killing  grass.  Whilst researching I discovered that it’s because bitches squat so it appears that they do all the damage…not so, its all down to the concentration of the urine in a small area. All dogs can cause damage!

So what are the best steps we can take to help prevent this damage?  The following article is a really great down to earth no nonsense approach that  I got the most valuable information from.

dogs urine lawn damage

Dealing with Dog Spots

What can be done with the dog(s)?

    • Train the dog to use a non-turf area in the landscape, such as an area covered with mulch or gravel, or select a location where dog spotting will not become an aesthetic problem and damage can be tolerated.  This is the ONLY sure solution for the problem!

    • Always provide adequate water for your pet; increased water consumption will dilute urine, reducing the potential for turf injury.
    • While the addition of salt, garlic, tomato juice and other “home remedies” to your pet’s food can increase water consumption (thus diluting their urine), your veterinarian should always be consulted before doing so.  The increased salt intake can cause problems for older dogs, as well as for those with heart or kidney conditions.

  • Except for the addition of water to a dog’s food, no additive or supplement should be fed to your pet without first consulting with your veterinarian.  Certain additives may increase a dog’s water intake, but can have detrimental and unintended consequences for its health. Read the full article…

I love this information, I see it as how it is and there are no gimmicks or products on sale…  The problem I personally have with this approach is the fact that my dogs are so set in their ways I think I would find it difficult to train them otherwise now.  I am thinking of investing in an artificial lawn (see my post on this site about laying an artificial lawn)  I will definitely go with the more water intake approach as it makes a lot of sense.

dogs on lawn

Alternative Approaches


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