Recycling wood pallets has got to be one of the most satisfying things that we can do.  And one of the most frequently discarded of wooden items happen to be pallets.  Once the pallet has served its purpose they are often just dumped out in the street or used as firewood. Nothing new here for you hardened DIY folk, but there are a lot of us who would like to have a go!

Rather than pass by next time you see a discarded pallet, collect it up, and with a little skill and imagination you can transform these wooden beasts into really useful pieces of furniture, tables, storage chests, shelving’ or a work of art!  Theree is endless amounts of information and ideas on the net.  I have collated what I believe to be some of the best.  The information in the article below gives some no-nonsense information, authored by someone who has done it.

wood pallett

I recently used pallets to sheet some cheap shelves I made in my attic. I was riding over to Lowes to pick up some OSB when I saw the pallets and thought to myself “Hey, those are free, I bet I could use those for the shelves I’m making”

It turned out to be quite a bit more work than I anticipated to break down those pallets. I first tried banging the boards out with a hammer, and those nails really don’t want to budge without seriously damaging the wood. I ended up cutting them a bit short with my circular saw and removing them that way.

This past weekend I went and bought a bunch of 2x4s and put them up into the attic last night. I plan to build another set of shelves up in my attic and I’m going to use pallet wood again to sheet the shelves, however this time I’m going to use a sheet metal drill bit to drill out the screws with my corded hammer drill.  Read more 

The potential for recycling pallets in the home and garden are endless!  Bird houses and tables, dog kennels, rabbit hutches, a Wendy house for the children, shelving for sheds and hot houses, raised flower beds, the list goes on and on, restricted only by your own imagination! As a beginner I found this to be a perfect project and a way to practice your  recycling wood pallets skills

Great info?  What about the type of wood to source?

Sourcing your pallets


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