When it comes to recycling, it would seem that the World is catching on.  Most of us are recycling our trash.  For the Craft loving people amongst us, before you throw that plastic bottle in the recycling bin take a look at some of the amazing creations that can be achieved.  There are so many ways to reuse plastic bottles,  Very often, as you will see, the only tool you will require is a pair of scissors!

The beauty of a lot of the ideas that you will discover is that you will be able to add a few of your own creative ideas and you will make the item unique.  When I stumbled across the site I feature, I was blown away.  Some of these ideas are truly gorgeous, you will be amazed at what you can achieve using an about to be discarded plastic bottle!

Things like room dividers, chandeliers, vegetable containers and jewelry stands are just to name a few. Many of these projects only require a small amount of time and effort, and typically just a pair of scissors!

monster wall containers

4. Decorative plastic flowers:

decorative plastic flowers

5. Crafty parrot:

plastic parrot art

6. Plastic pig planters:

plastic pig planters

Read the whole article packed with awesome creations here

I hope you were as impressed as me?  You can also get the kids involved with a project or two, I was impressed with the bubble blowing bottles! Let’s take a look at a few more ideas.

More Ideas


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