Space is at a premium no matter whether you own your own home or you rent an apartment. Then the same can be said when you compare out door space. It used to be that even a little bit of outdoor space was plenty, but this is not the case anymore. It may be because the economy is tough and more people are staying home, and entertaining. Travel is cut down and day trips for special events are not as frequent. What this has done is created more interest in diy projects including more gardening. Both for flower and produce gardens. In order to keep as much space open as possible we thought that these stand up gardens may be valuable space savers for you so you can keep your ground cover open for other wonderful additions for your outdoor pleasure.

shoe gardens



This picture is meant to get you thinking outside of the box of traditional type planters, as we are getting past the concept that flowers or even veggies have to grow from the ground up.

You will be amazed at what can grow on a wall, and how you can turn a plain old looking fence into a absolutely stunning work of art.

modern verticle garden

Image source:José Sáez

Again this image is just meant to get you thinking

Now lets get going on one that you can start developing.

palette garden

This one is made using a palette and simple pots. You can certainly do it basically as you see it here, or instead of using a palette, use your wooden fence. If you put the pots closer together then once the plants mature you won’t even see the pots. Eventually the fence of palette will become a sea of color. Either a wonderful array of flowers in all of their vibrant colors. Or a massive selection of container veggies and fruits. The choice is entirely yours.

We found the instructions for carrying this out at instructables….


At least 1 wooden pallet
As many pots as you have plants/seeds
Potting soil
Metal wire (i used 100lb wire)
Wire cutters
4 wood screws
Outdoor paint in your favorite color
Paint brush or small roller

While your newly planted seeds rest and take in the sunshine and fresh water, take that old pallet and give it a face lift!  Lay it down and paint it in the brightest color you enjoy!  It is best to find paint that is good for outdoors.  But if you don’t want to spend any money on this and happen to have an old can of paint in the closet, by all means, use it!

Side note:  if you are wondering where to get a wooden pallet, your local grocery store will probably be more than willing to GIVE you one.  Yes, just GIVE it to you at no cost as long as you throw it in your car yourself.  Call around your neighborhood stores, I’m sure you can get one pretty easily.

While your pallet dries and that wonderful new paint job sets in, take your metal wire and wrap it around each pot several times, three or four times to be sure they will be secure.   Twist tightly at the end and make sure you leave long strands of wire on each pot.  You will need this in order to hang your pots…. continue with the full instructions here at instructables.


This is a very simple project to complete, and if you decide to go with the palette method it will be far more portable. So if you decide to do some backyard decorating then you can just incorporate your palette garden wherever it fits in best.

Now lets look at a totally different idea and although it still fits in with the vertical theme we are actually going horizontal with this one, but with a bit of a twist

Gutter Gardening



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